Video Insights helps to speed up your traffic analysis thanks to various object properties collected during the video processing. Based on these properties, we defined a set of metrics and visual maps and their outcomes are presented to you in the form of widgets. Widgets are analytical outputs available on the Analyze data page which provide a quick calculation and visualization of the traffic scene parameters. Apart from the widgets, some outputs can be obtained by creating traffic reports too.

Widget types section in the New Widget tab

Widgets can be created from the Analyze data page as well as directly from the Describe scene page by clicking the Create widget icon on a movement bean. Let’s go through all the available widget types in the Video Insights application including usage examples.

Creating a widget from a movement on the Describe scene page

Available widgets in GoodVision Video Insights


  1. Total Volume

  2. Average Volume

  3. Object Distribution

  4. Vehicle List

  5. Peak Hour

  6. Time Gap

  7. Travel Time

  8. Occupancy Time

Visual Maps:

  1. Trajectories

  2. Acceleration Heatmap

  3. Motion Heatmap

  4. Hold-up Heatmap

  5. Collision Points

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