Traffic flows diagram
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The Traffic flows diagram shows the intensity of the traffic flows on the scene and includes TMC volumes on each side of the diagram (in and out). Traffic flows diagram can be created only for movements crossing 2 lines with scheduled cardinal directions. Cardinal directions can be set according to the real position on a map by editing existing lines or defining new ones.

Picture 1: Setting a cardinal direction for a line

The traffic flows diagram can be created for simple crossroads as well as for complex up to 8-armed intersections or roundabouts. In case several lines have identical cardinal directions, the volumes will be counted together for each cardinal direction.

Picture 2: Example of a Traffic flows diagram for a 6-arm intersection

How to create a Traffic flows diagram on your scene:

  1. set cardinal directions for the lines you want to have included in the diagram

  2. create 2-line movements between the lines

  3. navigate to Analyze data page

  4. create a new widget - Traffic flows

  5. select the appropriate movements and save

There is also a way to adjust the position of the north cardinal point in case the default north setting does not fit for the scene. You can rotate north cardinal point by clicking the bottom left corner of the Describe scene page.

When setting cardinal directions for the lines then (in order to create traffic flows diagram), the cardinal directions on the flow graph are set according to the cardinal direction compass.

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