Travel Time (Mean Travel Time)
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Average time that the analyzed traffic objects spent within specific space boundaries. Unlike the Mean occupancy time in zone widget, the Travel time can be generated not just for a zone but as well for a movement composed of crossing over two lines or zones (see images below). This metric is used to analyze traffic fluency. It can be shown as a single number or a bar graph based on a specified time unit.

For calculation of the Travel time, the exact entry and exit point has to be in place and the vehicle trajectory has to be uninterrupted. There are several possibilities for analyzing travel time:

One zone

Time which the object has spent within the zone, from entering until leaving the zone

More zones

Time which the object has spent between entering the first zone and leaving the last zone, whatever the trajectory between them was

More lines

Time which the object has spent between crossing the first and the last line, whatever the trajectory between them was

Line to Zone/Zone to Line

According to previous situations, the travel time is the time that objects spent between crossing the first line and leaving the last zone or vice versa.

Examples: Mean travel time brings answers to questions like: How much time on average do the vehicles need to go from a defined point or zone A to point B? How long does it take to cross the bridge for cars, buses, bicycles and how long for pedestrians? What is the mean time the drivers need to make a turn on a crossroad? How much time do they need for various parts of the day?

15min periods on Travel time bar graph / Mean travel time of the whole 3 hours long video

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