Total Volume
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The Total volume shows the number of all traffic objects that fulfill the selected filter (movement, event or scenario) in the selected time range. It can be displayed as one total number or as a pie graph with counts for a particular object class. The Total volume can be computed for all filter types and their combinations.

Examples: total number of vehicles crossing a defined line, total number of pedestrians inside a specified zone, total number of vehicles following a given movement, event or scenario.

Total volume widget presented as one number / a pie graph

The total volume count on movements between 2 line filters may have 2 different values based on the way it is computed. Whether only those traffic objects that fulfill the whole movement from the beginning to the end are counted (uninterrupted complete movement trajectories), or when applying the Smart Corridor which also includes trajectories that might be disconnected or broken into the movement. Smart Corridor is a feature used to have the most precise traffic volume counts also on scenes with lower quality.

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