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The vehicle list widget consists of a downloadable .xls file with a complete list of all traffic objects detected in the selected movement/area during the desired time frame, together with their exact entry times (when a vehicle crossed a defined line or entered a defined zone) and unique IDs.

Examples: What was the sequence of vehicles on an analyzed spot during 1 hour of the footage? At what time did a car, motorbike or van enter a pedestrian zone?

List of all vehicles following a given movement, their object classes and the exact entry times

Only traffic objects fulfilling the whole movement from the beginning to the end are part of the Vehicle List. That's why the total count stated in the Vehicle List may differ from the Total Volume number, in case you are using the Corridor Count for a selected movement. In fact, some of the trajectories might be broken due to possible obstacles, scene conditions, areas further away from the camera etc.

Note: When the Vehicle list widget is used for a zone, each contact of an object with the zone is counted as new. That's why the result for total count might slightly differ from the Total volume number.

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