In the previous step, you’ve got your first Credits and now you are one more step closer to the most exciting part - traffic data analysis. Let’s continue!

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account

  2. Start your trial

  3. Collect data and count traffic

  4. Analyse and report traffic data

  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 3: Collect data and count traffic

1. Create your first traffic Project

When you log in to your GoodVision account for the first time, there is the possibility to import a Show case project with a lot of demo content on which you can try out the first analyses. You can also already create your own Project where you will organize your Locations and Data sources and process your videos for traffic analysis.

The location represents a folder for your Data sources (camera views). A project can have multiple Locations depending on your needs and project specifications, e.g. cities in a country, districts/areas inside a city or several streets/crossings in one area of interest.

The Data source is a folder where you will process your videos from the identical scene. You can create a new Data source by clicking on the “New Data source” tab on the right side of the page. Fill in the data source name and choose the correct video input type.

Here’s how you can work with Data Sources in the project structure.

2. Upload your first video

Before processing, the videos have to be uploaded to the GoodVision Vault.

For uploading your video, simply drag and drop the desired video file(s) from your computer to a selected folder in Vault or click on “+” and then “Upload video/folder”.

While the video is uploading to the GoodVision Vault, you can define the processing without waiting. Go back to created Data Source or create a new one. Click on the 'Process' button and select the video you want to process. You can choose if you want to keep your video in Vault after processing or delete it.

Read about the features keeping video in the Vault brings to you.

Traffic data is being extracted from the video using GoodVision’s artificial intelligence. You will be notified via email and app notification when the results are ready for analysis.

Here’s our guide on Video uploading.

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