GoodVision Vault is a secure place for storing your traffic videos in Video Insights platform. With Vault, you can now easily upload any number of video files to Video Insights platform without necessarily processing them immediately. They can be played inside the application, downloaded again when needed or stored for later processing. If you process videos stored in Vault, you can review the original footage during analysis directly on Describe page to check what was really happening on the scene in the given time.

Click Upload icon to initiate a new video upload to Vault or click to Vault tab to open the Vault files browser. Green line visualizes the % usage of your Vault storage

Benefits of GoodVision Vault

  • Easily upload all your video files to the Video Insights platform and access them anytime from anywhere in one place

A great utility for those who want to have their video files accessible anytime. With GoodVision Vault, you can upload giga or even terabytes of video files of any length or data size, depending on the Vault plan you are using. The files are securely stored in Vault and can be downloaded when necessary.

Do you need to analyze very large videos or are you having difficulties uploading loads of data to GoodVision platform via an internet browser? We have introduced new functions to our desktop application that will allow you to upload unlimited amount of video data to GoodVision Vault safely and without concerns for connection issues. Check the GoodVision Sync feature for more information.

Drag & drop your folders with videos to GoodVision Vault and let them upload in the background via GoodVision Sync

  • Secure storage for your traffic videos - download or play the videos anytime

Video files saved in Vault are securely stored in our cloud platform. GoodVision Video Insights is hosted and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergoes regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and is Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, all data passed between the web server and client browsers remain private and integral. Only account users can access the content of the Vault, just like other features of Video Insights platform.

Play and review the videos in the Vault before you decide to process them

  • Process your stored videos from Vault on demand and all at once

When you decide to process some of your videos from Vault, it's even easier than the regular upload from PC because you don't need to wait for the video to be uploaded. Furthermore, when you are selecting the videos from Vault, you can already see the information next to every video if the video is processable or not (e.g.: if the video is corrupted or does not follow the minimal video requirements etc.) in advance.

Select the option to upload the videos from Vault, select your Vault folder, click 'select all' and all your folder videos will be then processed in your new camera

  • Upload videos from PC to camera and select the option to save videos to Vault

When you are used to upload and directly process the videos in the camera, you can still do that. Optionally, you can decide if you wish to save the video to Vault or not (by default it's selected 'Yes' option because it brings you many benefits as video playback and more). You can distinguish the processed videos in camera that are saved in Vault as their icon is green (see in the .gif below) whereas those videos that are processed but not stored in Vault have white icon.

When uploading videos from PC to camera for processing, select the option to save the video(s) to Vault to access features such as video playback

  • Review the original video during your analysis via video playback

Sometimes it might be useful to check some events in the original footage when analyzing the traffic situation in Video Insights. With GoodVision Vault, it is possible directly in the application. If you processed videos saved in Vault in a camera, you can play those anytime on the Describe page via the video playback feature. This feature was designed to bring value especially to traffic modellers who need to quickly jump to a video during the analysis to check the real situation (without the need to open additional video player)

See how you can easily review all the jaywalkers thanks to the playback feature

  • Collaborate with your colleagues on large-scale projects (Coming soon)

For now, GoodVision Vault supports a simple folder structure and can be handled by a single Video Insights account. The advantage for large-scale projects is currently mainly in the possibility of uploading and storing loads of video files in one place which are ready to be processed at any time. For the next version of the Vault, we are working on more collaborative features within Vault such as video sharing in team (together with the collected traffic data), sharing of videos with non-GoodVision users (e.g. video providers) or the possibility to organize your folders with videos into individual 'projects'. Stay tuned!

Note: Presence or absence of a video file in Vault does not affect the analysis in Video Insights in any other way than with the video playback feature. If you delete a file from the Vault, you can still access the Camera where the video was processed and continue with the traffic analysis.

GoodVision Vault Plans

Every GoodVision user receives the first 10 GB of Vault storage for free. This plan size is ideal for trying out the Vault possibilities such as processing upload some of your videos to have them accessible every time you are using Good Vision Video Insights.

Once you reach your Vault capacity, you will not be able to store any more files but you can still access and process the ones that are already there. Videos can be deleted from Vault anytime but if you prefer to keep them all safely stored and ready to use on one place, you can pick up some of the Vault plans with bigger capacity.

Vault plans are charged on a monthly basis. 10 GB Vault plan is by default active at every account, others can be purchased for a monthly price. Storage subscription can be cancelled anytime. Vaults with bigger capacity are also available for clients using one of our Platform plans. Vault capacity of 100 GB is included in Traffic Surveyor and Traffic Modeller Platform plans.

You can subscribe to one of the Vault plans on Billing page in Video Insights Platform

GoodVision Vault Storage Bundles

  • 100 GB plan: Suitable plan for keeping high-quality videos in Vault for one-time projects. Even if some videos can be large and extensive (e. g. drone footages), the capacity should be enough to store dozens of such files. This plan is automatically given to every client using Surveyor or Modeller Platform plan.
  • 1 TB plan: This plan is ideal for storing video materials for multiple or continuous projects. With 1 TB of Vault capacity, you'll be able to keep tens of hours of videos safe and accessible for a long time.
  • 10 TB plan: High-capacity plan for large-scale projects, capable of storing up to 10 terabytes of data. And if you still feel that you need more space for your videos, contact us and we will prepare a custom plan that best fits your needs.
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