Manual video file upload is the default and the simplest way of providing the video input for processing. No matter if it is a single file or a thousands of smaller chunks supposed to be connected together, GoodVision handles all for you automatically.

How to upload a single video file

Simply go to your camera and hit UPLOAD or drag and drop your video file directly to your camera.

 1. Confirm your camera

2. Edit your metadata (if needed, you can change the metadata also later). Read more about the video metadata HERE.

3. Select the processing method

Read more about the options for video processing HERE.

4. In the next step, you have the option to save the video to GoodVision Vault, if you want to keep it safely stored in the cloud for later. Select the option YES or NO in this dialog.

5. Confirm and upload

How to upload multiple files at once


It is possible to select multiple files (up to 500 at once) and upload them to a single camera. Imagine your cameras are producing short 15 minutes chunks of video, it can be really time-consuming to upload them one by one right? GoodVision will make sure that object trajectories between those videos will be connected without losing accuracy!

Uploading multiple files works in the same way as the single file upload. Make sure your videos are from the same camera and are directly linked to each other — e.g. there are no time gaps between them, because GoodVision will concatenate the data as if there is no gap. Multi-file upload dialog will allow you to change the order of the files by dragging them.

Uploading video files to previous uploads

If you need to upload more video files to already existing videos in a selected camera, just proceed the same way as by a regular video upload. The only thing you have to do in this case is to manually set the time of the first new video to upload to the end of the already uploaded video file from before. The system will automatically stitch the following video files to the current upload.

Uploading large volumes of video data at once via GoodVision Sync

If you are in the situation where you want to upload loads of data, very large videos or a big amount of files, then the GoodVision Sync is a perfect solution for you. It is available in all Platform plans except the Starter plan as part of the Desktop Application and it utilizes GoodVision Vault as the place for secure video storage.

You just need to prepare a list of multiple video files or respective folders with videos and start uploading them to GoodVision Vault. From that moment you do not need to worry about the process anymore. No matter if ten, one hundred or one thousand of videos, the application will keep uploading them successively on the background whenever the internet connection is active.

Video formats supported

Video Insights supports video uploads from various sources, various containers (*.mp4, *.avi, *mov, *.asf .._) and codecs (h.264, h.265, .._). Supported are files with various lengths and sizes up to 100 GB per file.

If your video format is not supported, Video Insights will notify you, won’t process your video and return your credits. To make sure your video format is supported, contact

Other processing options

Read about other ways of video input:

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