In the previous step you’ve uploaded your video/s and now it’s finally time to analyze the traffic data!

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account

  2. Start your trial

  3. Collect data and count traffic

  4. Analyze and report traffic data

  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 4: Analyze and report traffic data

1. Analyze, slice & dice data, count traffic

After your video is processed, you can start to analyze the traffic data collected from the video. Click the “Analyze” button on your camera that leads you to the “Describe” page.

Picture 1: Starting the traffic analysis on videos processed in Data Sources

On the “Describe” page you will define what traffic flows you would like to analyze. Draw virtual lines and zones to define entries, exits and places of interest in your traffic scene. Define various traffic movements, events or even complex scenarios as combinations of these lines and zones. You can also select traffic object classes or time range for the analysis under the main screenshot.

Picture 2: Creation of a widget from the Describe scene page

2. Create analytical widgets

When the scene is described for analysis, you can start creating the analytical “widgets”. Widgets are sets of predefined metrics and visual maps that represent the aggregated outputs of your movements and events. It can be traffic counts on movements, peak hours, average travel times, time gaps or various heatmaps. Here’s how to create analytical widgets.

When desired widgets have been created, navigate to the “Analyze” page by clicking the “Analyze Data” on the left panel. Welcome to the analytics dashboard. Here you can see the previously created widgets, edit them if necessary or create another ones from the defined filters. You can also choose to put the widgets to a project Dashboard.

Picture 3: Analytical page with various widgets

3. Get your traffic report

To generate a traffic report from created movements and events, go to “Traffic exports” page by clicking “Traffic exports” on the left panel. You can use the report builder to define traffic reports or generate Vissim model using tabs on the right side of the page. Freshly generated reports will appear on the top of the page immediately.

Here’s how to export your traffic data into excel reports.

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