In the previous step you’ve created your GoodVision account. Let’s explore all the possibilities it opens to you!

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account
  2. Start your trial
  3. Collect data and count traffic
  4. Analyse and report traffic data
  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 2: Start your trial

1. Get credits to start

Your account is now ready. To process your videos with GoodVision, you need Credits. You can purchase Credits in the Billing section. Navigate there by clicking your name in the top-right menu.

As a newcomer, you might need to fill in the billing address and the payment method first.

If you’d like to test the service first, contact us on LiveChat or via to get 3 free trial Credits. There is also a lot of demo content in your new account, on which you can try out your first analyses.

Have a look at the available annual Platform Plans. They open new functionalities of the Video Insights platform and bring many benefits including free Credits and Loyalty pricing tariff.

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