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What is GoodVision Video Insights
What is GoodVision Video Insights

Capabilities of our ever-growing traffic analytics platform

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The Story

At first, there were several years of extensive research in the field of video-analytical systems... when we decided to materialize our vision to create a solution that can help cities and the whole transportation industry with our top-notch artificial intelligence technology.

"We collect traffic data from every imaginable video source in the city with respect to the existing infrastructure, we visualize it and perform the deep analysis of data to increase traffic fluency and safety, decrease congestion, optimize road infrastructure design, and make traffic control decisions on-time and more precise."

Daniel Stofan, CEO of GoodVision

Our Belief

In GoodVision we believe that all parties involved in the traffic management process - cities, traffic surveyors, transport modellers, and traffic managers, can all benefit from having a standardized method of how traffic data is collected, stored, and analyzed. These transport engineers are the heroes in our story. We are building a standard that can increase their productivity, quality of the transport design and makes their collaboration more enjoyable!

What Is GoodVision Video Insights

Our solution is a one-stop shop for all the traffic analytical tasks the transportation industry requires. Video Insights is the first complex SaaS software platform where all parties involved in traffic projects can collaborate and perform all their traffic data-related tasks in a fully interactive way. It is a very broad ecosystem of capabilities under one roof achievable by everyone globally. What does it offer?

1 ) Traffic Data Collection

This is the starting point of every analysis. We collect traffic data automatically from various video sources – cameras fixed above the ground, or from drones. There are also multiple video processing options available. Collection can be done both asynchronously (in parallel) for an unlimited number of videos at once or in real-time. Both options are useful for specific use cases. You’ll get your video analytical results for videos from fixed cameras within a couple of hours, for videos from drone cameras the next business day.

2 ) Traffic Volume Counting

A most common and basic feature is capturing the traffic volumes on roads. We allow the user to interactively define the traffic movements over the collected data - so there is no space for error, yet there is unlimited space for repetitive analyses. We classify traffic attendants into 8 classes so all your counts are multi-modal.

3 ) Traffic Reporting

Every traffic obtained by GoodVision can be visualized and exported into reports. From traffic movements counts to the behavioural characteristics of every single vehicle, you can get the standard spreadsheet report of this data.

4 ) Deep Analysis of Traffic Behaviour

We create a full digital twin of the traffic behaviour on your road and junction. The versatility and the trajectory nature of the digitally collected data in GoodVision allows to deeply analyse all the physical aspects of traffic, or visually inspect the situation as if you were there. You can visually inspect violations, lane changes, red-light running, jaywalkers, lane-jumpers and many more.

5 ) Calculating Parameters for Traffic Models

This is where transport modellers can benefit from the platform. There are many parameters that we calculate for their traffic models in simulation systems like PTV Vissim or Linsig, like saturation flows, detecting the ideal free-flow conditions, discovering the areas with reduced speed, entering the traffic O-D volumes to their models directly, and many more.

6 ) Origin-Destination Traffic Studies on Micro and Macro Level

You can define any type of turning movement on your junction and perform the Entry-Exit analysis on the micro-level. Similar to that, but in a way bigger scale, with our ANPR capability you can perform the Origin-Destination studies, getting the travel counts and travel times on the macro level.

7 ) Detection of Traffic Events and Insights for Control

GoodVision detects many essential traffic events and generates insights that are to be considered for the traffic model calibration and also serve as the tactical inputs to traffic control systems. Events include detecting occupancy time, traffic delays, stopped vehicles or heavy braking.

8 ) Real-time On-site Traffic Monitoring

For real-time on-site traffic data extraction in 24/7 we have a special appliance called "GoodVision on the EDGE" available for you. This device processes the footage anonymously on-site and sends the extracted data to your Video Insights platform for the same analysis as if video was from any other source.

9 ) Traffic Project Management Space and Video Storage

GoodVision Vault is an integral part of the platform and offers storing of traffic project-based data and traffic video footage in a convenient structure. You can easily hand-off the data to your partners, clients, or you can simply use the storage capacity to store, archive, download or play your video footage and review the events in it.

10 ) Team Collaboration and Supply-chain Management

Collaboration between the team members and between clients and suppliers is one of the essential things we are focusing on. Data and project sharing capabilities allow for a simple project hand-off to other users on a click of a button. 

Projects With GoodVision

If you feel frustrated or intimidated by all that tech-talk and variety of vendor lock-in single-purpose solutions out there, then GoodVision is the way to go. If you'll need to process just a few or thousands of hours of traffic videos, Video Insights can handle it. It is built to scale even for your massive projects and to deliver traffic data always in 1 hour. Our goal is to remove the stress from your traffic jobs with automation and conserve your time for professional tasks!

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