GoodVision Video Insights offers two basic options for video processing to choose from, depending on the video source and level of detail required. You can use any of your own favorite cameras regardless of the manufacturer. Please note in order to analyze extracted data properly, your cameras must have the static viewpoint.

Never before were such options bundled in a single product!

1. Fixed camera

A processing option designed for videos from fixed cameras on roads, junctions, pathways etc. For detailed specification go to Fixed Camera Processing Guidelines.

If you are connecting your camera live stream to GoodVision instead of uploading video recordings, read about the Video Stream Processing Guidelines.

GoodVision Video Insights enables processing of time-compressed videos too. If your footage is recorded with time-lapse function (e.g. from cameras like Brinno), please make sure you provide the system with correct video metadata (especially the real video duration) - for detailed specification see the requirements for time-lapse videos.

Picture 1: fixed camera scene in Video Insights

2. Drone Camera

A processing option designed for:

  • UHD drone cameras surveying from 50 to 250 meters above the ground
  • UHD fixed or temporary cameras in big heights with a steep view

For detailed specification go to Drone Camera Processing Guidelines

Picture 2: drone camera scene in Video Insights

Pricing of video processing in GoodVision Video Insights

For processing of traffic videos in Video Insights platform, you need Credits. One Credit equals the extraction of traffic data from up to 1 hour long videos from fixed cameras or up to 15 minutes in the case of drone cameras.

The processing option is chosen in the video upload dialog

For more information about the Credit purchase and utilization, please visit the article about purchasing and using the Credits.

Check also our Platform plans review with all information concerning subscription of the Video Insights platform and Credit price.

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