GoodVision Video Insights offers three options for video processing to choose from, depending on the video source and level of detail required. You can use any of your own favorite cameras regardless of the manufacturer. Please note in order to analyze extracted data properly, your cameras must have the static viewpoint.

Never before were such options bundled in a single product!

1. Standard Traffic Camera Processing

A default option ideal for processing of:

  • Standard fixed or temporary cameras on roads, junctions, pathways
  • Drone cameras flying up to 50 meters above the ground

For detailed specification go to Standard Camera Processing Guidelines

If you are connecting your camera live stream to GoodVision instead of uploading video recordings, read about the Video Stream Processing Guidelines.

2. Drone High-Detail Processing

A premium processing ideal for:

  • UHD drone cameras surveying from 50 to 250 meters above the ground
  • UHD fixed or temporary cameras in big heights with a steep view

For detailed specification go to Drone High-Detail Processing Guidelines

3. Time-lapsed Camera Analytics

An advanced feature ideal for processing of:

  • Time-compressed video footage from cameras like Brinno

For detailed specification go to Time-lapse Camera Processing Guidelines

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