In the previous step you’ve got your first Credits and now you are one more step closer to the most exciting part - traffic data analysing. Let’s continue!

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account
  2. Start your trial
  3. Collect data and count traffic
  4. Analyse and report traffic data
  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 3: Collect data and count traffic

1. Create your first Camera

When you log in to your GoodVision account for the first time, you’ll see one default Camera Group with 5 exemplary cameras. Go ahead and create your own Camera Group where you will organize your Cameras and upload your videos for traffic analysis.

Camera is a folder where you will upload your videos from the identical scene. You can create a new Camera by clicking the “New Camera” button in the top menu. Fill the camera name and choose the correct video input type. Here’s how you can work with Cameras.

2. Upload your first video

For uploading your video, simply drag and drop the desired video file from your computer to a Camera folder or use the upload dialog by clicking “Upload Video” from the top menu or from an empty Camera.

You'll go through the video upload dialog where you will specify the source of the video, choose a processing type (fixed camera or drone camera) and optionally save the video to GoodVision Vault to be safely stored for later.

Read the requirements for videos from fixed cameras and from drone cameras to check if it is suitable for GoodVision video processing.

Here’s our guide on Video uploading.

After your video is uploaded, the processing starts immediately and automatically. You don’t need to specify anything. Traffic data is being collected from the video using GoodVision’s artificial intelligence. You will be notified by email and app notification when the results are ready for analysis.

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