Besides of definition of the traffic movements, Video Insights allows you to filter the traffic also by custom events or let's say traffic behavior. Currently, we support the Stay event. This event allows you to filter the traffic participants by selected amount of time the participants spent within a selected ZONE. 

Define your stay event

Draw a ZONE to your traffic scene which you want to analyze. Then click on “+NEW” under the “Events” and select the ZONE where you want to detect a stay event.

Event settings

After saving, the settings window will open. Here you can name your event, change selected zone and define the amount of time by dragging slider handles. The time range can be in seconds or minutes. 

Editing of event 

You can always edit all the settings if you need or delete it using buttons that are highlighted in the picture below. 

To conclude, you should know that we are planning to have more traffic event types. For instance, Travel time event would allow you to filter the traffic participants by specified travel time within selected boundaries.

Getting the traffic data

Finally to analyze the traffic data defined by your movements, events or scenarios, create appropriate widgets on the Analyze page. See our guide on How to create widgets for the traffic volume, travel time, peak periods or various visual maps to get the most of the Video Insights platfrom.

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