Before you can report your traffic data, make sure you have completed the items from this checklist:

Filters placed ✅
Movements, events, or scenarios created ✅
Widgets configured ✅ (optional)

So what now? Export your data!

Here is the 5-step guide how to do it:

1. On the describe or analyze page click on "GET TRAFFIC REPORT"

2. Select the report type you are interested in

Not sure which report to select? Learn about the report types you can get in GoodVision Video Insights:

3. Select which movements, events or scenarios you want to report

GoodVision Video Insights allows you to select any custom traffic movement, any event (traffic condition) or any complex traffic scenario for your reports. This is unique!

4. Select a time frame and according time units for your report (or other specific parameters)

5. Wait for your report!

Your report will be delivered to your email in a matter of minutes, depending on the length of the reported interval. Why to the email? Creation of certain reports can take more than your internet browser session can handle. Therefore it is generated asynchronously. Imagine you are reporting 2 million vehicle passages into the Vehicle List excel report - it can take a while.

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