Before you can export your traffic data, make sure you have described the traffic scene with filters (lines and zones placed) and created desired movements, events or scenarios.

With the movements and events in place, you can easily get the data you need in .xls format in just a couple of seconds or minutes (depending on the size of the data). GoodVision offers 4 types of reports.

Read the simple 6-step guide how to do it below or

1. Navigate into the Data Source from which you need the report and click on "Traffic Exports" item in the left menu

2. Then click on “Get traffic report” tab on the right and select the report type you are interested in

Not sure which report to select? Learn about the report types you can get in GoodVision Video Insights:

3. Select object classes you want to include in the report and make sure you have selected a correct camera

4. Select which movements, events or scenarios you want to report

GoodVision Video Insights allows you to select any custom traffic movement, any event (traffic condition) or any complex traffic scenario for your reports.

5. Select a time range and specific parameters for your report

For a TMC report, you can choose the time unit to adjust the granularity of the data. In case of a Saturation flow report, parameters defining the freeflow interval duration can be adjusted.

6. Click the “Get report” button

Success! After clicking the “Get report” button, the report will be generated in a matter of minutes, depending on the length of the reported interval. You will find the freshly generated report on the Traffic exports page.

Traffic Exports Page in GVVI

Traffic export page compiles all reports and Vissim models for a given Data Souce in one place. Use the active buttons to download the reports anytime, send them by e-mail or delete the unnecessary ones.

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