This is only the first week of Advent, but GoodVision is already coming up with pre-Christmas goodies. We are releasing GoodVIsion Video Insights version 26, which is full of amazing features that you have been waiting for. Let us walk you through them before you go and try them in the app.

GoodVision Live Traffic Configuration Right From The App

GoodVision Live Traffic is great for on-site traffic monitoring in real-time. And now it is fully integrated with the Video Insights app! You can configure your camera connections, catch traffic events and define your custom alarms sent to your APIs. Moreover, Live Traffic can be installed on any compatible commercial BOX PC! Trialing physical appliances was never so easy, and we bet you want to try it! Just let us know, and we’ll send you a trial license with a BOX PC to set up your pilot project in a blink.

Create Your Custom Classification Schemes

In addition to a standard COBA 8 vehicle classification scheme, you now can create new vehicle classes, merge classes into one, or customize your own, i.e., regional scheme right in the app. We’ve heard you asking for it from many countries, and now you have the power to statistically adjust vehicle class representation according to your local traffic guidelines. See the image below. Your custom classification scheme will automatically reflect into all your reports and analytical dashboards.

Smart Corridor for Intelligent Traffic Counting

The Smart Corridor is literally a combination of a magic wand and the X-RAY for all traffic analysts. You can imagine it as a corridor between the two lines on your traffic movement, which uses AI to identify all moving objects even if the trajectories are damaged due to obstacles or low video quality. In short, Smart Corridor is a PRO feature that helps you to increase the traffic counts accuracy if your video is not ideal. In the app, you can see what Smart Corridor sees, and thus you can adjust your filter placement in a more controlled way than before.

View Your Traffic Surveys on the Map

This is one of our favorites! A new, visually stunning map view of your traffic surveys. If you add geolocation to your data sources, you will see them well organized on the map and access them easily. You can switch to a map view anytime on your project dashboard. Enjoy!

GoodVision Desktop app for macOS

GoodVision Video Insights looks just AWESOME on Mac. So here you go, our macOS version of the GoodVision Desktop App is finally here, and you can download it via the link below:

Cloning Widgets on Analytical Dashboards

The Clone widget feature is another productivity tool that allows you to make a clone of the existing widget in a few clicks. It’s a huge time saver if you compare traffic parameters for the same movements side by side.

No more video archiviation

With this ultimate release, your videos will not be archived anymore! What that means is you can come back to your data anytime and analyze it right away.

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