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What is GoodVision Live Traffic?

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GoodVision Live Traffic is a smart software product for roadside sensors. It utilizes artificial intelligence to extract traffic data from camera streams in real-time. It detects traffic events, and sends alarms/notifications to controllers immediately, adhering to all data privacy regulations.

GoodVision Live Traffic unit is a device for intelligent video analytics (IVA) that is deployed on-site near the traffic camera in a weatherproof compartment. Each unit is able to process up to 4 streams simultaneously to cover even complex intersections. It is based on the NVIDIA Jetson family computer equipped with GoodVision's Artificial Intelligence software pack for traffic data extraction. GoodVision Live Traffic unit supports processing of RTSP video streams with both H.264 and H.265 codecs. Configuration of the unit in the GoodVision Video Insights platform allows defining virtual loops and event triggers on each scene. Every traffic event is detected, and the notification/alarm can be sent to the third-party system.

Traffic data obtained using the GoodVision Live Traffic unit are securely stored within the GoodVision Video Insights platform while offering a full feature set as if you were uploading videos manually. This means that all features that you are familiar with from GoodVision Video Insights are available for both short and long-term analyses. Key features are real-time extraction and evaluation of both vehicle and pedestrian movements and sending of real-time events. Standard multimodal traffic object classification (COBA8) provides classification into eight classes, including bicycles and pedestrians. Supported object classes can be extended to match the requirements of your use case. GoodVision Live Traffic offers easy integration options with your traffic data database, city information portal, or signal lights controller.

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