Follow the 5 quick steps to explore and start using Video Insights platform:

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account
  2. Start your trial
  3. Collect data and count traffic
  4. Analyse and report traffic data
  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 1: Create your GoodVision account

  1. Sign up at

Visit - this is where GoodVision Video Insights platform is running. Enter your business email, your name, read the terms and click “Sign Up For Free”. Registering to GoodVision Video Insights is free, no credit card needed.

2. Verify your account

Check your mailbox for the invitation email from GoodVision. If you are unable to find it, check the spam folder as well. Click the green “Verify your email” button in the email body to verify your account. This redirects you back to the platform and you are all set!

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