Meet our Cameras board. It is designed to organize your videos into cameras and camera groups and provides an one-click access to analyze it. There are three entities you will work with:

  • Video — represents the extracted data from a single video recording. Read more about Videos.
  • Camera — is the folder of Videos from the same source and viewpoint.
  • Camera group — is the folder of Cameras grouped by your criteria.

In GoodVision Video Insights, you are always analyzing a specific Camera. Camera is filled by Videos.

Create your first Camera Group and a Camera

You must have at least one Camera Group to create a Camera where you will upload your Videos. Feel free to create Camera Groups and organize Cameras using your own criteria — by department, project, by geographical location, by date, and so on. Doing this will keep your work well-organized. You can always move Cameras between Camera Groups or rename it.

Now you can create your first Camera in the selected Camera Group. Name it.

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