GoodVision Vault is a secure place for uploading and storing your traffic videos in the Video Insights platform. Before the video files are sent for processing to a particular Data Source, they have to be uploaded to the Video Insights application first. That’s where GoodVision Vault comes to the process, as a temporary input workspace or a preparation area for your video files.

Vault capacity is shared through your entire account but each Project has its own Vault space where the video files are stored before processing. Navigate to your Project to see the Vault tab in the left menu. In a new Project, the Vault will be empty, waiting for you to upload video files for the traffic analysis. You can either drag & drop the files from your computer or click on the “+” icon in the “Add new” line and then choose to upload video files or a whole folder. You can also create a folder structure in the Vault for better orientation in the video files and upload the video material directly to the prepared folders.

Picture 1: Vault space with a folder structure

Videos in the Vault can be played inside the application, downloaded again when needed or sent for processing. But be aware that the files in the Vault are stored there only temporarily before processing. After you choose to process them in the application, they will be moved from the Vault to the appropriate Data Source.

Picture 2: Video moved from the Vault is still available in a given Data Source

They will still remain accessible, downloadable and reviewable during analysis directly on the Describe page so you’ll be able to check what was really happening on the scene in the given time, unless you choose to delete them immediately after processing in the processing dialog window. In that case the original video will not be available in the app anymore, only the extracted data will remain.

Picture 3: Video processing window with the option to keep or delete the original video file after processing

The original video files can be deleted also later, anytime you choose. They are not available in the Vault anymore but have been moved to the appropriate Data Sources after processing. If you wish to delete the videos (e. g. to make some free space in your Vault), just navigate to the Data Source Detail page with the video file and under the tab "Videos", there is the possibility to delete the source video from Vault.

Picture 4: Possibility to delete original video files inside a Data Source

Benefits of GoodVision Vault

  • A great utility for those who want to have their video files accessible anytime. With GoodVision Vault, you can upload giga or even terabytes of video files, depending on the Vault plan you are using.

  • Video files saved in Vault are securely stored in our cloud platform. GoodVision Video Insights is hosted and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergoes regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and is Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, all data passed between the web server and client browsers remain private and integral. Only account users can access the content of the Vault, just like other features of Video Insights platform.

  • Sometimes it might be useful to check some events in the original footage when analyzing the traffic situation in Video Insights. With GoodVision Vault, it is possible directly in the application. If you do not choose to delete a video immediately after processing, you can play it anytime on the Describe page via the video playback feature. This feature was designed to bring value especially to traffic modellers who need to quickly jump to a video during the analysis to check the real situation without the need to open an additional video player.

  • ANPR feature (automatic number plate recognition) is available only for videos stored in Vault.

  • Do you need to analyze very large videos or are you having difficulties uploading loads of data to GoodVision platform via an internet browser? Try our desktop application that will allow you to upload unlimited amounts of video data to GoodVision Vault safely and without concerns for connection issues. Check the GoodVision Sync feature for more information.

  • Collaborate with your colleagues on large-scale projects. Projects can be shared to other users (with read or read&write permissions) and together with them, also the Vault of the Project will be shared. You can thus send a Project to your colleagues to upload videos, prepare Data Sources for an analysis or else.

Picture 4: Easily review e.g. jaywalkers thanks to the playback feature

GoodVision Vault Plans

Every new trial user of GoodVision receives the first 10 GB of Vault storage for free. Once you reach your Vault capacity, you will not be able to store any more files but you can still access and process the ones that are already there. Videos can be deleted from Vault anytime but if you prefer to keep them all safely stored and ready to use in one place, you can pick up some of the Vault plans with bigger capacity.

Picture 5: The Vault capacity and % usage is shown in the user menu

Vault plans are charged on a monthly basis and the subscription can be cancelled anytime. Vaults with bigger capacity are also available for clients using one of our annual Platform plans. Vault capacity of 100 GB is included in the Traffic Surveyor plan and 1 TB in the Traffic Modeller plan.

Picture 5: You can subscribe to one of the Vault plans on the "Plans" menu page of the Video Insights platform

GoodVision Vault Storage Bundles

  • 100 GB plan: Suitable plan for keeping high-quality videos in Vault for one-time projects. Even if some videos can be large and extensive (e. g. drone footages), the capacity should be enough to store dozens of such files. This plan is automatically given to every client using the Surveyor Platform plan.

  • 1 TB plan: This plan is ideal for storing video materials for multiple or continuous projects. With 1 TB of Vault capacity, you'll be able to keep tens of hours of videos safe and accessible for a long time.

  • 10 TB plan: High-capacity plan for large-scale projects, capable of storing up to 10 terabytes of data. And if you still feel that you need more space for your videos, contact us and we will prepare a custom plan that best fits your needs.

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