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GoodVision Vault - secure storage for your videos
GoodVision Vault - secure storage for your videos

Meet the import space for uploading traffic videos to your Projects

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The GoodVision Vault is a secure location created for uploading and storing your traffic videos within the GoodVision platform. It provides a safe environment for video storage before they are processed by any particular Data Source.

Vault capacity is shared across your entire account. However, each Project has its own Vault space for storing video files set for processing. Go to your Project to find the Video storage section in the left menu.

On the left, you'll find the tree view panel, which displays the folder structure and provides options to connect external storage. The folders in this side panel are sorted by name. You can expand or collapse these folders as needed. You can close this entire panel using the X button. To display it again, click on the icon next to the "Create Folder" button in the top right corner.

By default, you'll see an overview of your project storage. If you prefer using GoodVision Vault, select the 'open by default' option. This will take you directly to the GoodVision Vault page the next time you visit the storage section. The overview page also provides a summary of how much Vault space you've used, along with options to connect, disconnect, or change the folder linked to your external storage.

Click on the open button to get to your GoodVision Vault. There you can drag & drop files from your computer or click on the Upload button. You have the option to upload a single file or an entire folder. If you choose to upload a folder, only the video files in the root will be uploaded; files in subfolders will be ignored. For better organization, you can create a folder structure in the Vault and upload video material directly to the prepared folders.

File states

Each file has one of the following states:

  • Uploading…

    • File is being uploaded

  • Verifying…

    • For each file you upload, we inspect its metadata to ensure the video is processable and that we can extract trajectories from it

  • Error

    • If the file is corrupted or lacks a supported codec, it may result in an error state. In such cases, we recommend using the desktop app with the optimization feature enabled. This feature can resolve most video compatibility issues.

  • Ready

    • This means the file is ready to be processed

  • Added to processing

    • Once you add the file to the data source for processing, its status will change to 'Added to processing'. You can then access the data source directly from the file.

  • Processed

    • Files have already been processed, and all trajectories were extracted using our AI model. Keep in mind that each file can only be processed once. If you need to free up space in your Vault, you have the option to delete the processed videos. However, this means that you won't be able to play back the files from the detail scene of the data source.

If you are processing multiple files as one unit - for example, an 8-hour video sequence divided into 8 files of 1 hour each - these files will now be displayed as bundled. This means they will function as a single file.

You have the ability to play, download, process, rename, move, or delete multiple files at once, not just a single file.

Processing files directly from Vault

You can now process files directly from the Vault. Just select files that you want to process and click on the button Process selected on bottom right. You will need to choose location and data source. In case you haven’t created that you have the option to create them directly from the modal window.

At the end, make sure the files are arranged by time and that you've chosen when the video starts. This is very important. Don't enter random times because it might cause problems with overlapping times later on.

Vault capacity

Every new trial user of GoodVision receives the first 10 GB of Vault storage for free. Once you reach your Vault capacity, you will not be able to store any more files but you can still access and process the ones that are already there. Videos can be deleted from Vault anytime but if you prefer to keep them all safely stored and ready to use in one place, you can increase the capacity anytime depending on your project needs.

Vault capacity is also included as a gift package in the premium Platform Plans. 100 GB is part of the Traffic Surveyor plan and 1 TB of the Traffic Modeller plan.

If you need to increase the capacity you can do it anytime in the 'Billing' section under the 'My services' tab. Click on the 'Change' button under the Vault box, type the number of TBs you want to buy, and add it to the shopping cart. You can add more items to your cart if needed e.g. additional platform plan seats. After clicking 'Checkout' you will be brought to the payment gate. In case you prefer to pay in a different currency or pay by bank transfer, you can easily set it in the 'Purchasing' window.

Additional Vault capacity will be included in your current plan subscription, which means if you have an annual platform plan subscription, you will be charged for Vault capacity also on an annual basis and vice versa. You can anytime downgrade Vault capacity if you don't need it anymore.

Benefits of GoodVision Vault

  • A great utility for those who want to have their video files accessible anytime.

  • Video files saved in Vault are securely stored in our cloud platform. GoodVision Video Insights is hosted and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergoes regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and is Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, all data passed between the web server and client browsers remain private and integral. Only account users can access the content of the Vault, just like other features of Video Insights platform.

  • Sometimes it might be useful to check some events in the original footage when analyzing the traffic situation in Video Insights. With GoodVision Vault, it is possible directly in the application. If you do not choose to delete a video immediately after processing, you can play it anytime on the Describe page via the video playback feature. This feature was designed to bring value especially to traffic modellers who need to quickly jump to a video during the analysis to check the real situation without the need to open an additional video player.

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