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New Vault and projects page
New Vault and projects page
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We are excited to announce the new release of GoodVision Video Insights. This update brings three major improvements to your workflow.

New Projects overview page and classification scheme on Data Source level

We've updated the projects overview page, now with a more intuitive interface and enhanced features. These include new sorting options, a filter to view only the projects you're participating in, a summary of your spent credits, and the ability to archive finished projects.

The classification scheme can now be defined at the data source level. This overrides the default classification scheme defined at the project level, offering more granular control over the classification process. This feature is particularly beneficial for users working with multiple data sources who require various classification schemes within a single project.

GoodVision Vault

The most significant update involves a complete redesign of GoodVision Vault, which serves as storage for your video files for processing. This redesigned Vault provides a more user-friendly experience and enhanced performance. The primary change is that processed videos now remain in the vault, which simplifies storage space management and offers completely new ways to manage your files and folders. Additionally, you can now create locations, data sources and process videos directly from the vault.

With this update, there is no need to take any action. All your files will remain intact, and your connected external drives will continue to function seamlessly.

See the video that explains how the new Vault works.

A more detailed description of GoodVision Vault can be found here.

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