Origin-Destination Matrix Report
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Origin-Destination report is one of the standard TMC reports and a quick and simple way to discover traffic volumes on your scene. It is based only on combinations of Entries and Exits. GoodVision allows you to create this report even without creating any movements for all combinations of approaches. Just draw lines or zones that represent your desired entry/exit areas, create the OD matrix report in the report builder and choose the movements which will be included in the report (or exclude the ones that are not necessary for you).

The report will be generated under the Traffic Exports page in a couple of minutes and as a side-effect, the chosen movements will be automatically created on the Describe Scene page (if they had not been created before).


OD matrix is usually used for junctions to get a quick overview about the traffic object counts for each direction but it can be useful for roundabouts or roads as well. Normally two approaches - lines or zones - are enough for a bidirectional road, four for a typical "X" intersection, one line/zone per each entry/exit on roundabouts.

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