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Vehicle List (Intrusions Report)
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Vehicle list report captures every single vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian passing through your traffic movement on the junction or the sidewalk (gate, turn, custom O-D movement, ..). In addition, it provides following detailed behavioral traffic metrics:

Example: a traffic movement is defined as the passage from LINE 1 to LINE 2

  • Entry Time - a timestamp of entering into the movement - passage through LINE 1

  • Exit Time - a timestamp of exiting the movement - passage through LINE 2

  • Class - class of the traffic object (car, van, pedestrian, ...)

  • Time Gap - a headway time between the fronts of two consecutive vehicles

  • Travel Time - a time that a vehicle spent to move from entry to the exit

  • Travel Speed - when distances for the movements are provided

Vehicle list reports can be generated for multiple traffic movements at once, which will appear as separate sheets in the Excel report.

Example of a Vehicle List (Intrusions Report)

Please note that we are using two different approaches to object counting based on the use-case. Therefore there might be slight differences between the total volume values in the TMC and Vehicle List Reports. They are caused by disconnected trajectories in the course of the movement, e.g. due to obstacles on the scene or near objects covering other smaller or more distant objects.

Values in the Vehicle list report are based on the passages that were tracked for the whole movement from the entry to the exit line so the data are kept as we extracted them. From these complete movements, modellers metrics like travels times, time gaps or speed are computed.

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