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Traffic Movement Counts (TMC Report)
Traffic Movement Counts (TMC Report)
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TMC report offers consolidated and accurate information about travel volumes on all your traffic movements on the road, intersection or a roundabout. It combines three dimensions of the data:

  1. Traffic movement - your traffic movements or events selected for generating the report

  2. Time interval - time unit which you have selected when generating the report (you can select time unit between 1 sec to 24 hours)

  3. Traffic object class - vehicle classes and pedestrians selected for the report (you can choose all of them at once without limitation)

The TMC report provides traffic volumes per time interval and vehicle class for all selected movements. On the first two sheets of the report, you’ll find movements grouped by entries to approaches, next sheets contain traffic volume data for each movement separately.

Examples of TMC report

Please note that we are using two different approaches to object counting based on the use-case. Therefore there might be slight differences between the total volume values in the TMC and Vehicle List Reports. They are caused by disconnected trajectories in the course of the movement, e.g. due to obstacles on the scene or near objects covering other smaller or more distant objects.

In TMC reports where the counts are the most important output, we apply statistical methods that connect the broken trajectories of a movement to reach the best total volume accuracy possible.

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