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STEP 5: Collaborate with your team
STEP 5: Collaborate with your team

Share the traffic project with your team

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In the previous step you’ve described your scene, created some analytical widgets and generated a traffic report. GoodVision Video Insights allows you to share projects with your team. Let’s see how!

  1. Create Your GoodVision Account

  2. Start your trial

  3. Collect data and count traffic

  4. Analyse and report traffic data

  5. Collaborate with your team

STEP 5: Collaborate with your team

  1. Share your project

With GoodVision Video Insights you are able to share the whole project, including videos saved in Vault, filters and traffic insights you placed onto your scenes.

To share your project click on the three dots icon next to the project name and click on “Share“. Then fill the user’s email you want to share with. It is possible to share projects with registered and verified users only. You can also set the permissions for each collaborator. In a moment the user will find the shared project on his projects page and receive a confirmation email.

You can manage your collaborators by clicking on “Edit”. It is possible to add, delete or change permissions there.

Read permission gives collaborators access to all areas of the GoodVision project without the ability to change the data. There is only a possibility to download a traffic report or widget.

Collaborators who have Write & Read permission can perform their own analyses, upload or process videos, tweak or delete the filters, but it will affect the original project’s setup.

You are also able to change the project’s owner with just a few clicks using the project menu. The whole project will be transferred to another user account including Vault files. Transfer cannot be realised between members of the same organization.

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