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Timeline events and video playback in Video Insights
Timeline events and video playback in Video Insights

How to create events or metrics on the timeline and review them with video playback

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Timeline events and metrics

For advanced events analyses, you are now able to add various metrics to the video timeline. These metrics can be created and controlled in the right panel in a similar way to movements and events. When creating a timeline metric you can specify the custom name and the colour of it for better orientation.

Once the metric is calculated, you can activate it and display it in the timeline section. The number of metrics that could be displayed on the timeline is limited to 6 including default ones. You can also drag and drop them to set the order.

Metrics types

Distribution - shows object distribution in time for a whole video or within the specific filter. The higher the intensity, the stronger the colour. This metric can be very useful e.g. for various movements or different object classes comparison within one movement.

Occurrence - shows the occurrence of a selected event in time. Events that are very close to each other are aggregated. To see the details, click on the event.

Peak Hour - To see the details, click on the peak bar on the timeline metric. Using the scale button on the top right corner, you can zoom the whole timeline to this peak interval.

Video playback

When analysing the traffic situation in Video Insights, it is sometimes useful to check certain traffic events visually in the original footage. If your original video files are stored in GoodVision Vault, you can play those anytime on the 'Describe scene' page via the video playback feature.

This feature was designed to bring value, especially to traffic modellers who need to quickly jump to a video during the analysis to check the real situation (without the need to open an additional video player). Video playback is currently supported only for videos in mp4 format. Other video formats will be supported soon.

For highly detailed analysis, you can also use the time filter tools in the upper right corner of the timeline.

The ‘Calendar’ tool function is to limit the displayed timeline data for selected intervals, which can be very useful for long video analysis.

The ‘Boundaries’ tool is used to limit the displayed trajectories data for a selected 1h range (or shorter) for detailed analysis. When the tool is enabled, two more actions are available - interval reset and zoom (see the picture above).

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