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How to Get Automatic Vehicle Speed Estimation?
How to Get Automatic Vehicle Speed Estimation?

Video requirements for speed estimation and how to use this feature in Video Insights

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Getting speed estimation from your video was never easier. With GoodVision you can have it in a matter of minutes with each type of processing. Check out the details below and let’s try it out! 🤩

First things first, video requirements

The requirements for speed processing are the same as the ones for each processing type so all you need to do is stick to them. If you are not familiar with them already, check the articles below.


Pay attention to setting up the correct parameters

We will calculate the speed for you according to what parameters you set for each movement, so don't underestimate this part.

You are able to set up distance for each movement composed of lines. If you use more than 2 lines in one movement you can set individual distances for each line to make sure that the parameters are accurate.

The distance between lines can be set in meters or feet according to your preferences. The final output will be in km/h or mph depending on which unit you select.

Note: The speed estimation is, for now, possible for the line movements only.

Last but not least export your speed data

Your speed data were added to the Vehicle list report which you already know. Now there is a new column Average speed in km/h or mph for each individual vehicle.

If you want to learn more about how to export your traffic data check out the article below.

We hope you love our speed estimation feature. If you have some more questions contact us via our LiveChat directly in the application or via We would love to hear your feedback. 💚

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