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How to download the desktop application and its benefits

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As a user, you are probably using Video Insights in your browser - that's fine. However, did you know that there is also the desktop version of Video Insights that has some additional features? It offers the same traffic analytical functions as the web version, yet it was primarily designed to handle substantial amounts of video uploads.

Read how to download, install and run the GoodVision for Desktop and what benefits it brings to you.

Getting GoodVision for Desktop

STEP 1 - Download the Video Insights Desktop setup file

STEP 2 - Run the .exe file and start the installation. It lasts only a few seconds.

STEP 3 - Start the GoodVision Video Insights for Desktop, login, and use it in the same way as you were used to in the web version.

STEP 4 (optional) - Set up the Video Insights for Desktop to run at startup. (so that you don't need to open it manually every time you start your PC)

Benefits of using GoodVision desktop application

  • When you are in charge of a large-scale project, and you need to process thousands of videos, the stability of the application is a key point for you. Therefore, it's more reliable to upload thousands of videos via desktop version of Video Insights rather than via web version of Video Insights opened in a browser that might eventually crash.

  • With newly introduced GoodVision Vault secure video storage, in desktop application, you can upload several folders (with videos) at once (in comparison to web application where you can select only one folder to upload at a time)

  • Only the desktop version of Video Insights supports GoodVision Sync, which manages your uploads to Vault and resumes them accordingly even if your computer is restarted or if you experience an unstable internet connection.

  • You can close your browser and focus only on applications you need.

  • You are permanently logged in (until you log out)

Expand your set of everyday tools with GoodVision Video Insights for Desktop

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