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GoodVision Sync - multiple files upload safe and easy
GoodVision Sync - multiple files upload safe and easy

Upload hundreds of videos to GoodVision Vault conveniently via the desktop application.

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Uploading large videos or multiple chunks of videos to GoodVision platform via internet browser might be sometimes problematic, e.g. when the internet connection is slow or unstable, when you need to close the active browser window or just when the volume of the files is so big that the upload will take several hours.

With GoodVision Sync, it is now possible to upload large volumes of video data (encapsulated in folders) or multiple video files at once to our system, without concerns for connection issues, preventing user errors or time needed for a successful upload.

GoodVision Sync is available in all Platform plans as part of the Desktop Application and it utilizes GoodVision Vault as the place for secure video storage.

How it works?

You prepare a list of multiple video files or respective folders with videos and start to upload them to GoodVision Vault via Video Insights Desktop Application. From that moment it is being uploaded and you do not need to care about the process anymore. No matter if ten, one hundred or one thousand of videos, the application will keep uploading them successively on the background whenever the internet connection is active (unless you stop the upload manually).

When disconnected for some reason, GoodVision Sync will take up again and continue the planned upload when the connection is up and running again. So even if you need to close Video Insights, shut down or restart the computer or remove a USB disk, you' ll not lose the divided work. Unless you don't move or rename the files, it will stay in memory of the Video Insights app and get reconnected where it had stopped.

For what project types is it useful?

GoodVision Sync is a must-have for large-scale projects with thousands of files to process. You' ll surely appreciate the convenience when you are in need of uploading loads of video data to various cameras. Just select them once from your disk via the desktop application and let them synchronize with Vault during upcoming hours or days gradually while you can dedicate yourself to other work. Desktop application can run on computer startup and therefore it can be part of your routine when starting your workday.

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