GoodVision Video Insights is hosted and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergoes regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and is Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, our endpoints ensure that all data passed between the web server and client browsers remain private and integral.

After you upload your video to a camera in GoodVision Video Insights, it is being processed for 1 hour. Immediately after it, if you don't save the video to GoodVision Vault intentionally to keep it for later utilization, your video is permanently deleted from our servers. This process is fully auditable. GoodVision works with anonymous data making impossible to identify person's identity.

Similar procedure applies for the vehicle's licence plate recognition. GoodVision can, on client's request, use automated number plate recognition (ANPR) as an addition to standard traffic analysis - in that case, however, the licence plate data are hashed and fully anonymized. In such form, they can be used e.g. to re-identify vehicles on the scene but never serve to identify a concrete vehicle.

Even the snapshots from the video used for visual analytics are anonymous with all traffic objects blurred. 

Video screenshot with the displayed trajectories:

The same video screenshot without the trajectories and blurred traffic objects:

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