This article is a guide on configuring the GoodVision Live Traffic unit in the GoodVision Video Insights platform. If you are interested in what precedes it and what the requirements for connecting GoodVision Live traffic are, read our “Requirements for GoodVision Live Traffic” article or contact us at

Set up camera stream(s)

  1. Go to the Devices section by clicking on Settings on the right upper corner of the app.

  2. To add video streams or find the connected ones, click on three dots on the appropriate device and go to the Detail.

  3. At the Detail window, go to the STREAMS tab, click on + Add new stream, and fill up the required information (stream name, geolocation of the camera, and RTSP stream URL).

  4. Click on the Test the connection button. In case of a successful connection, you’ll see the stream’s screenshot and status ONLINE as on the image below.

  5. The connected stream will appear at the Device Detail window. The state of the successfully connected stream should be RUNNING, and the status DISABLED (data are not yet stored to Video Insights platform). To enable the stream, assign it to the particular Data Source.

Create a Data Source

  1. Click Back to projects on the left side of the upper panel and create a project structure for your streams (Project->Location->Data Source). Learn more about project structure here.

  2. When creating a new Data Source, select the EDGE UNIT as a data source type, then select the device and camera stream you want to connect. The time zone is set automatically based on the camera’s geolocation, but you can change it if needed.

  3. In case the stream was successfully connected to the Data Source, you’ll see all green - the status is ENABLED, and the state is RUNNING.

Describe the scene

  1. Go to Describe page by clicking on Analyze to start preparing your stream for analysis.

  2. Describe areas of interest on the traffic scene by placing virtual lines and zones. Learn more about how to define your traffic scene for analysis here.

  3. Define the traffic movements (filters) you want to analyze. Learn more about how to create movements for analysis here.

Create live events

  1. Go to the Analyze data page by clicking on the appropriate button on the left panel.

  2. When creating a live event, select the object classes and filter you want to include and the link where to send the notifications/alarms in case you’re using some third-party system.

  3. To disable or reset the event, click on three dots on the right upper corner of the event and click on the appropriate button in the menu.

  4. To test the connection between the app and provided third-party system URL, click on Test event on the three dots menu.

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