Organizations are shared workspaces where team members can collaborate on traffic projects. An organization can be created as part of any account. The creator becomes an owner of the organization and can add other members, set their roles, and allocate plan seats. The team members can then be assigned to projects and contribute to the project.

To create your own organization, navigate to the Organization section by clicking your name in the top-right menu. The Organization section will be shown in the left menu panel.


You can invite anyone to your organization by entering the person's name and email address to the invitation form. You should also set the member's role and assign a plan seat so that the new user can use the platform plan features and is able to see the shared project.

GoodVision will notify the newly added member of the invitation via email. The invite is accepted by clicking on the green "Verify your email" button in the email body. Members who didn't accept the invitation are in an INACTIVE state. The Owner or Manager can resend the invitation by clicking on a particular button.

Roles and permissions in Organization

Everyone in an organization has a role, state, and permission (plan seat).

The state becomes active as soon as the user accepts the invitation to the team.

The plan seat enables the team members to use the plan features and work on the shared projects. GoodVision platform plans have a limited amount of seats included, but you can always buy more.

There are three possible roles for the team members: Owner, Manager, and User.

  • The Organization Owner and Manager are members with extra administrative rights. Apart from traffic analysis, they can manage members of the organization and organization-wide settings - make changes to the member's roles and permissions to control their access to projects.

  • The Organization Users have access to the Organization's projects, can upload videos, analyze data and generate reports. They don't have access to the billing section or organization settings.

Various combinations of roles and permissions can be applied by an organization and even for the shared projects. For example, a Manager with read-only access to the project data or a User who is an editor. Permissions could be limited by having (not having) a plan seat or by setting a project's visibility and adding the collaborators.

NOTE: Removing members from the Organization will cause the deactivation of their accounts!

You can choose which project should be visible for the organization and which not. If the Organization visibility is set, a project is visible to everyone in your organization and all collaborators. In the case of Private mode, a project is visible only to the below listed collaborators if you have any. More about managing collaborators and their permissions here.

Organization billing

Only Organization Owner or Manager can manage an Organization's billing. The Organization has a pool of credits and Vault capacity to pump from. It is also possible to divide organization costs between the projects and set the exact budget for every project.

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