While you were enjoying the summer holidays, we were busy developing new cool features to bring you even better tools and traffic data for your upcoming traffic projects. Let's check it out:

Improved Team Management and Collaboration

The new Organization management feature moves collaboration with your peers to another level! From now on you can create shared workspaces where organization members can collaborate on projects. You can manage team interactions and data access by assigning roles or by giving and removing platform plan seats.

Bulk Actions for Video File Management

Thanks to your feedback, we improved video file management by adding bulk actions. Now you can select several videos in a data source at once and delete, recover, or archive them in your Vault. You can also move video data between data sources if you need to split your data or if you simply made a mistake during processing.

Easier Purchase and Payment Options

  • Subscription Plan Configuration Right in the App

Now you can subscribe to monthly or annual platform plans directly in the app without requesting it from your sales representative. Get a shopping cart, add every item you need for your projects (including credits or Vault storage), and purchase in a few clicks.

We have also made the billing section clearer by dividing it into more sections. You’ll find all your saved payment methods, credit transactions and invoices in a special subsection of the Billing section. Platform plans, credits, and Vault storage plans can be found in the Plans section.

  • New payment gateway provider - Stripe!

From version 25, we move to a new payment gateway provider - Stripe, to make your purchasing experience much smoother, faster, and safer. Stripe is an international system that allows people and businesses to make or receive payments online. It is famous for its high speed, high-security payment processing, works perfectly, and accepts payments without delays or errors. The Stripe payment gateway has successfully operated on the market since 2011 and has proven itself as a trustworthy payment processor to millions of users including, Booking.com, Salesforce, and Shopify.

  • Support for More Currencies

From version 25, GoodVision supports payments in 6 currencies, which can make your billing much easier. Contact your support at support@goodvisionlive.com to switch the default currency on your account.

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