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Webinar n. 8. - Real-time traffic monitoring with GoodVision Live Traffic
Webinar n. 8. - Real-time traffic monitoring with GoodVision Live Traffic
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GoodVision Live Traffic is a smart software product for your road-side sensor. If you are looking for real-time traffic monitoring, events capture and traffic control, this is the right product for you. GoodVision Live Traffic runs artificial intelligence which extracts traffic data from camera streams in real-time and sends events to controllers immediately.

Join us on our webinar covering real-time traffic video analytics with the help of AI & ML by GoodVision. You'll understand and learn how to utilize your current VMS network as an advanced traffic sensor using GoodVision Live Traffic.
We'll walk you through various ways of deploying GoodVision Live Traffic from on-location to a control center, utilizing EDGE devices directly to your camera or server covering a network of cameras. You will also learn how to try and pilot this solution easily with your cameras.
1. Real-time traffic analytics - what is if for?
2. Detecting traffic events and notifying controllers
3. Collecting traffic parameters continually
4. Deploying GoodVision Live Traffic to the EDGE device
5. Deploying GoodVision Live Traffic to your server
6. How to try GoodVision Live Traffic



Does it need your Camera or any general Camera will work?

There is nothing like our camera. Our system is working with your existing cameras. The majority of the API cameras are compatible, so there is nothing easier than to try it. You can actually try it with the cloud file without the need for implementation.

You can have any type of camera you want, from the ones we showed you today. The devices or cameras are capable of extra things, so Axis cameras have the processing and everything inside the camera. It's all in one and you just put the camera and it will do the analysis without software. You are also free to purchase your own type of camera or use the cameras that are already installed and turn it into a live monitoring device using the EDGE computer. Live monitoring devices or the EDGE computers are not GoodVision products, we can only advise you where to get it and how to connect it to the camera.


What is costing of an hour analysis?

With the GoodVision Live Traffic, the cost is not per hour, but it is a monthly live stream pack where it continuously processes the data, so there is nothing like cost per hour now. The cost per hour is only for cloud processing. As we mentioned in the pricing it's 299 โ‚ฌ/month for one camera stream.


Can we get second by second movement of each vehicle in excel format?


Yes, you can. The granularity of your results depends on the framerate of your camera. The GoodVision can provide you with the report with the time unit that you select, so it can be on a milliseconds level, seconds, minutes, and so on. The minimum or maximum granularity depends on your camera capabilities. GoodVision records traffic data from each frame.


Are there any minimum ambient light luminosity requirements for nighttime detection or do Axis cameras mentioned by have sufficient IR?


Of course, there are requirements for the minimum luminosity. It cannot be exactly demonstrated or said what these parameters are. We have one rule, that if the human naked eye can recognize the object, so the GoodVision software will be able to recognize it as well. The Axis cameras are one of the options for the deployment of the GoodVision Live Traffic that have a wide dynamic range technology. They are able to increase the dynamic range, so it brings light to the darker scenes and it works amazingly. With these cameras, you will reduce the risk of low light and not detecting your traffic attendees rapidly.


Can good vision AI detect non-conventional vehicles?


We provide a service where we can train custom classification schemes for certain regions and add vehicles like tricycles, rickshaws, jeepneys, etc. Currently, we have a set of 8 classifications that we detect. If you want to add some custom classes, we should look at it, and of course, if there are able to be distinguished or recognized, we can train the system to do that.

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