It is finally here! GoodVision platform has a brand new coat with many amazing features and surprises. Let’s have a walk through them:

New project structure & design

The first thing you may notice is the new project structure and design! We have tried to make the organization of videos and data easier and more transparent to the users. Now you can create Locations and Data sources as part of your traffic Projects and use them for uploading the recordings and the traffic analysis.

Classification schemes

The feature you all waited for is the custom classification scheme creation! From now you can design your own scheme with custom object names and the number of classes. The created classification scheme is then applied to the whole project, including traffic reports.

Collaboration with the team

With the new version, the collaboration is even easier than before. Share your whole project, including videos saved in Vault, placed filters, and generated reports. Now you can do it in a few clicks and newly it is possible to set the user permissions for each collaborator.


Are you working on a big project? Is it hard to structure the outputs? We know what can help you - Dashboards! You can easily export selected widgets from the data source’s Analyze page to a custom Dashboard. It will help you to analyze more data sources at once and go with it deeper.

A new way of video upload through the GoodVision Vault

In the new version, we’ve completely changed the way to upload and process videos. Most of you who are familiar with the GoodVision Vault know how many advantages it brings to you. From now on, all videos are uploaded directly to the Vault. While the video is uploading, you can define the processing without waiting until the upload is finished. You can then choose to keep your video in Vault after processing or delete it.

Once the video is stored in Vault and successfully processed, it will remain connected to your extracted data. Just imagine how simply you can jump and review the specific parts of the video during the data analysis. Do you need to verify the event captured by GoodVision? Or do you need to play the specific green-interval on the intersection to verify the saturation flow? You don't have to search the specific file on your PC and change the application, as you can play it directly in GoodVision Video Insights thanks to the GoodVision Vault.

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