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Learn How to Generate Vissim Model Automatically With GoodVision
Learn How to Generate Vissim Model Automatically With GoodVision
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Workshop Agenda

This workshop will be a step by step guide in realtime, where users can follow along as we cover step by step how to use GoodVision practically in the flowing areas: - Getting Started With GoodVision - How to Upload & Edit Your Video Footage - How to Obtain Traffic Parameters From the Data - How to Generate the *.inpx Vissim Model File - How to Calculate the Saturation Flows - How to Share Data Across Your Team - How to Commission a Traffic Survey to Your Supplier



Q #1:

Does the software provide the traffic counts based on the input conditions, or can I specify the conditions after the video is processed?

A #1:

To learn more about how to describe your traffic scene for analysis in GoodVision, HERE

Traffic movements can be created manually or fully automatically. Learn about it, HERE

Q #2:

Does GoodVision compute vehicle speed?

A #2:

Adding distances to traffic movements is an optional, but compelling feature, as you will get speed estimation for your movements for every vehicle. Also, your Vissim model can be calibrated by speed then.

Interesting fact: If you're looking to get the acceleration data - speed profiles for each segment inside of the intersection, you can get it by creating the traffic movement with more lines inside it. Then you will get the speed data for every segment.

Q #3:

Does the Vissim model generation involve the generation of the whole macro-network, or do I need to generate models for each intersection individually?

A #3:

The current version allows you to create each junction individually and you connect it in Vissim. The generation of more extensive networks is in progress.

Q #4: How do you select which links shall be included in the Vissim model?

A #4: To remind yourself how to generate the Vissim model from GoodVision directly, HERE

Q #5: Is the video footage a continuous stream or video clips that have to be uploaded manually?

A#5: Both, you can provide A) video footage (files) B) connect a live camera stream. The upload of the video files is very convenient, can be uploaded in bulks and the platform takes care of the whole uploading process, restores on network errors, and delivers the complete project data to your dashboard afterward.

If you have any further questions contact us via Livechat or We will be happy to help you! ๐Ÿ’š

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