Welcome to the new traffic season! The industry is picking up and here we go again with the new version release of the Video Insights platform. 💪

Let’s see what's new:

Brand New Traffic Exports Section 📊

Welcome to the new traffic exports section! Until now you were receiving all the created traffic reports and Vissim models to your email. With the new export section, you'll keep your traffic reports well organised directly in the application. All your generated reports are available there for your reference and every new report will now go directly to your export section instead of the email.

In addition, when generating traffic reports, you can preselect which vehicle classes you want to include in your report.

Drone Processing with New Face and Pricing 🚁

From now on GoodVision Video Insights offers two video processing options with new names: "Fixed Camera Processing" and "Drone Camera Processing". You don't need to hesitate anymore about which type of processing to choose for your drone footage. On top, we have decreased the price of Drone Camera processing while increasing the processing quality! The processing of a 15-minute drone flight video now costs 1 credit instead of 2,5 credits.

Platform Plans in Full Effect 📋

As we announced some time ago, elements of the platform would be transitioning into subscription plans due to not all features are applicable for all types of users such as Surveyors and Modellers. From 1st of October 2020, new platform plans are taking full effect. Particular platform features will be available under the appropriate plan only and we want to make sure you'll not lose any great functionality. We have diversified the plans to meet all users, whether you're just collecting traffic counts or have advanced modelling data needs. Read about what features are contained in each plan.

As a thank you, all premium plans come with a 100-credits package and a 100 GB GoodVision Vault video storage. It will also automatically prolong any currently expiring credits you have on your account. Have you already chosen your ideal plan?

Other Updates

To be more consistent with various vehicle classification schemes, we have renamed Truck OGV 1 and OGV 2 classes 🚛. Now you will find them under the names "Truck" and "Heavy Truck". Heavy Trucks include all rigid vehicles with more than 4 axles and articulated trucks. Read about GoodVision's classification scheme.

Have you seen our real-time traffic monitoring in action yet? We are making progress with our GoodVision EDGE, which is the perfect sensor for on-site real-time traffic data extraction and traffic event detection. Check out our live traffic stream on YouTube.

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