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How to Subscribe to a Platform Plan
How to Subscribe to a Platform Plan

How to subscribe to a platform plan step by step

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Start your premium experience with GoodVision Video Insights by subscribing to one of the platform plans.

How to subscribe to the platform plan

1. Go to the 'Pricing' section in the User menu

2. Check plan descriptions and choose the one that fits your project needs.

Cannot find a plan that perfectly meets your requirements? Feel free to contact us via live chat or at and we'll find a custom solution for you.

Both Surveyor and Modeller plans can be purchased monthly or annually. The suggested option is the annual payment as it brings more benefits like a monthly discount or a 100 credit gift pack.

3. To buy a platform plan, click the 'Manage your plan' button next to the plans offer or go to the ‘Billing’ section using the left panel. Here under the ‘My Services’ tab, you will find all your current items (plans, credits, licenses) in one place. Click on the 'Change' button under the platform plan box, choose the plan you want to buy, and add it to the shopping cart. You can add more items to your cart if needed e.g. Vault capacity or additional plan seats. After clicking 'Checkout' you will be brought to the payment gate.

During the first plan purchase, you can choose a currency you want to pay in or a suitable payment method in the ‘Purchasing’ window. Chosen currency and payment method are fixed by your subscription and it's not possible to change it from the app. For such changes contact our support via live chat or at

All your billing details will be saved under the ‘Billing Details’ tab, where you can update it anytime if needed. Also in this subsection you will find detailed information about your next payment.

In addition to the fact that the invoices are always sent to you by email, you can find them anytime under the ‘Billing History’ tab and download it if needed.

If you have questions regarding our platform plans contact us at 👍

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