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Webinar n.5. - Deployment Options - The full guide 🚀
Webinar n.5. - Deployment Options - The full guide 🚀
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Deployment Options:

Nowadays, the business environment, even in industries as transport planning, is very dynamic and innovation-focused. We are living in the era of services and subscriptions, with companies serving us fresh versions of their products every-day, effortless. It makes our lives so much easier when we can seclude lengthy integrations, investments into private infrastructure, and its periodic maintenance. The speed and simplicity of solution implementation is, therefore, a cornerstone of innovation adoption. This webinar's topic is: "GoodVision Deployment Options - The Full Guide" GoodVision provides a very broad ecosystem of capabilities under one platform that covers all the traffic analytical tasks the transportation industry requires. Its hardware-independent self-service adoption is famous, but still, there are plenty of options on how you can implement it on your projects. What does this mean for your current traffic analysis processes, how does it look when you decide to implement GoodVision to your daily traffic jobs? This webinar will cover all options step by step, and you’ll learn:


Q #1:

How does the recording and storage work with GDPR?

A #1:

GoodVision extracts only the anonymous data from the footage and the footage is stored on the system just for ~1 hour (if you don’t store it in GoodVision Vault protected video storage). The system is GDPR compliant, the underlying technology is Amazon Web Services, which is Privacy Shield Protected. If the footage needs to be stored, it follows the same procedures and is stored on the same protected servers in your region. We can provide you with our GDPR data privacy policy, the process is very transparent and auditable. As mentioned above, only the anonymous data is captured during processing, which prevents re-identification.

Q #2:

Who has intellectual property rights to the data? Does it sit with the purchaser or still with your company? Can the same data be shared multiple times with others over a succession of time? Can Goodvision also share the data we have paid for without our permission?

A #2:

Data is stored on your account at GoodVision and you can access it anytime repeatedly, a report from it, etc and share it with other accounts freely. GoodVision cannot resell the data, it is not possible. The data is the client's. You can resell and share the data with others if you like. But not GoodVision.

Q #3:

this might be a silly question, but if we had a large amount of data, say a week’s worth of footage, how would this be uploaded? The file would be huge , so can this stay on a local PC or does it have to be put on your server?

A #3:

Not a silly question, actually a lot of users ask that before trying :). The footage is being uploaded automatically after you select it for upload - similarly to OneDrive. There will be lots of files, but don't be afraid it will take too long to upload. If you have an average internet connection, it is really fine.

Q #4:

How does the ANPR work?

A #4:

ANPR module in GoodVision allows you to enrich your standard traffic data - vehicle trajectories with additional licence plate number. Once your video is processed via standard processing, you can request the ANPR processing too. To help you start with this module, our staff will help you to assess if your video is suitable for ANPR and then it will be processed and the ANPR reports generated. You can use the reports to match vehicles in O-D. Read more about the ANPR requirements at

Q #5:

What is the difference between surveyor and modeller monthly plan and what is included on top of the basic platform?

A #5:

Surveyor and Modeller Plans offer exclusive conditions, member functionality and customer care. Surveyor Plan is designed to offer all the traffic counting functionality you need for your traffic surveys.

Modeller Plan is designed to offer advanced traffic analyses (e.g. Saturation Flows, speed estimation, travel time, ..), traffic behavioural analyses, video playback and integration with traffic simulation systems. Both plans give you access to the:

  • Loyalty pricing tariff for credit purchases (for video processing) based on your 12-month consumption. Based on your consumption in the last 12 months, you can count with the following prices:

  • Team collaboration and data sharing features - ability to share the camera/survey data between accounts, ability to share the data and the dashboard to the client

  • Co-branding and custom URL

  • VIP customer support

  • Access to member’s training and materials

  • Access to BETA releases

  • Free credits, free GoodVision Vault video storage, ..

  • And many more

If you think you have no use of any of the paid plans, you can still go with the Starter plan without obligations, which offers access to the basic platform.

Q #6:

In my country the surveys require special types of vehicles, is it possible to add the custom vehicle classes to your system?

A #6:

Yes, GoodVision offers this customization of the platform. How does it work? Please contact us with a description of your requirements. We will assign a product manager to your problem and will assess the feasibility of training our system for the new class. Once we approve, we can collaborate on the dataset for the new class and we will perform the customization. If the new class is pretty standard, we can do the customization free of charge and add it to the platform, just based on your commitment to using GoodVision services.

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