Spring is here, together with mandatory spring cleaning sessions apparently. If you didn't do so you should and if you already did you can enjoy some of the first warm days (lucky you) ! 🌞

We in GoodVision were cleaning and polishing our platform so it works even smoother and faster (while preparing something truly BIG and EXCITING) as well as bringing some enhancements that may be revolutionary, for some of you.

So here it is:

1. New Event - Stopped object 🛑

If you were ever wondering how many vehicles stop/not on STOP sign, Clearway sign or or how many vehicles are waiting/not on red lights and then turn or go straight. Well, now you can find out in few simple steps with NEW event - Stopped object. Combining with other movements or events in scenarios you get even more complex traffic behaviour analysis.

And now to the polishing features 🧹:

2. Name your widgets 📊

Lot of you were missing this one as it simplifies the orientation in the analyse page and in your data. So from now on you can change the default names of your widgets or adjust them on the go.

3. Hiding filter names 🙈

We believe this feature is especially for those who use drones flying in big heights. The scene can became quite tiny and the arms of the intersections or lanes on highways are so small that the filter name can cover it all. From now one you hide the filter names so you can manipulate your filters more precisely and with more confidence.

We hope you like it! Stay tuned for the next one! 🚀

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