Last week we brought you a bunch of completely new features, and you were thrilled about it. To keep the positive mood within GoodVision platform users, we are bringing you some more today.  And not just some ordinary ones! 🎁

Let's check it out:

Saturation Flows πŸ“Š

Saturation flow is a one of the most important road traffic performance measures within the traffic engineering needed to create the default traffic models in the traffic simulation systems and helping to understand maximum rate of flow of traffic. From now on you can automatically create and export it for every traffic lane in your video and get the detailed information in just a few seconds. Can you imagine how many hours modellers will save on manual video review with this?

Not familiar with Saturation flows? Check how we calculate it:

Origin-Destination Matrix πŸ“

Do you need a simple quick traffic count report for a specific movements? Then this one is for you. Our new Origin-Destination Matrix report offers you a traffic count of the volumes for specific combination of Entries and Exits in your scene. Great for direct import into simulation systems like PTV Vissim!

Automatic Traffic Movement Generation ✏️ 

Aren't you really the "artistic" type? Don't you enjoy drawing every single movement separately in your complicated scenes? Don't worry!
GoodVision can now generate it for you automatically in just a few seconds! This is the feature many of you were waiting for.

Let us know how you like it and stay tuned for the next one!Β 

Thank you for you support! πŸ’Œ

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