First quarter is almost over and we wanted to end it with something spectacular to keep you all motivated for the next one! We have checked some cool features from the wish list of YOU, our beloved clients. 

YES, we do listen! 🤗

So here it is: 

Share your data with others 📤

Yes, it is happening.
(breathe in, breathe out)

With our latest version you can share your traffic data and the analysis with any GoodVision user! 

You are now able to share cameras, whole camera groups, including the filters you placed in your own cameras as well. User who accepts your invitation can perform his own analysis, tweak or delete the filters without affecting the original setup as well as export the data.

Automatic traffic movement labeling 🔖

This new feature is kind of 2in1 package. 

From today, you get to name your zones and lines so your describe scene boosts in it's structure. As an addition we though it will be very convenient for our users, if the movements created from these filters automatically take over the filter names.

Therefore, to save your time as well as prevent any mistakes, you will get automatically pre-filled movement labels according to used filters.

See all trajectories on the describe page 🚙

We are constantly enhancing the core functionalities of GoodVision Video Insights to approximate as close as possible to your ideal platform.

One of these functionlities is allowing for fully interactive visualization of all trajectories from your videos in your "describe scene". You just select a time-frame and the trajectories are displayed for you.  

To check out these cool features and more subscribe for free to and kick off your analysis with the starter package!

Thank you for having us!  💌 

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