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Case Study: Traffic Surveys in UK with A-T-R
Case Study: Traffic Surveys in UK with A-T-R

How A-T-R utilized visual analytics for traffic surveys in Cambridge

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December 2019, London, United Kingdom

Advanced Transport Research (A-T-R) is a traffic data collection company with over 25 years of experience within the industry. They have been working with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 2011 on their annual traffic, parking and person survey. One of their research elements was to assess the modal shift potential from car to cycle/ walking and public transport for staff, patients and visitors.

"The ability to offer the added value in the form of visual representations as well as reducing data turnaround times with automated analysis via GoodVision, has been of a substantial benefit to our clients."

(Natalie Bates, General Manager of A-T-R)

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