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How to purchase Credits and use them for video processing
How to purchase Credits and use them for video processing

Get Credits to process your video footage in GoodVision Video Insights

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What are Credits?

Processing of video footage in GoodVision Video Insights proceeds based on a virtual currency called credits. One credit equals the extraction of traffic data from up to 1 hour long videos from fixed cameras. For example, 5 credits would be charged for 5 hours long video that is sent for processing to GoodVision platform. In the case of Drone video processing, you'll need 1 credit for every 15 minutes of video data extraction.

Pic. 1: choosing video processing option when creating a Data Source

Credits are utilized to process traffic video footage in the Video Insights platform. The system verifies the length of the video and, based on the selected processing option, subtracts the corresponding number of credits from your account at the moment of video upload. In case the system is not able to process your video, you will be notified and Credits will be refunded back to your account automatically.

Pic. 2: summary of video processing details

How to purchase Credits

Credits can be purchased in the ‘Billing’ section under the ‘My services’ tab of the GoodVision Video Insights app. Click on the 'Buy' button under the credits box, type the number of credits you want to buy, and continue to the payment gate. In case you prefer to pay in a different currency or pay by bank transfer, you can easily set it in the ‘Purchasing’ window.

Pic. 3: Credit purchase

Credits are also included as a gift package in the premium Platform Plans. Every subscriber to an annual Traffic Surveyor or Traffic Modeller Plan receives 100 credits as a free benefit of the chosen Plan.

Credit Pricing

Credits price is dependent on the Loyalty Pricing Tariff. Read more about Platform Plans and Loyalty Pricing Tariff HERE.

Expiration of Credits

Credits' expiration date is standardly 12 months from the day of purchase but it can be prolonged by activation of the Platform plan. It means that until the Platform plan is active, Credits will not expire. For example, you purchased a batch of Credits on 01.01.2022 and then purchased the annual plan on 01.04.2022. All currently active Credits will be prolonged till the end of the new plan. In the opposite situation, when the platform plan expires earlier than Credits, you may choose to purchase another annual plan and prolong the expiration of your Credits for another year or purchase a monthly plan and try to use the left Credits in a month.

Exporting Credit history

All credit operations (credit spending, purchasing, together with expiration) can be found under Billing history and can be exported to .csv or .xls. For the credit history export, please filter out “credit transactions” only on the billing history tab. The “Export” button becomes active and you can choose the type of export and columns included and download the credit history.

How to use your credits

Finally, when you receive the Credits, you can easily upload your traffic videos to Data Sources and get them processed in GoodVision Video Insights. Read more about how to prepare and upload your videos for processing HERE.

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