ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a technology that extends the standard cameras and video surveillance systems with the ability to read number plates on the vehicles automatically via specialized software. Based on the area, this functionality may be also called LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) or ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition). The meaning of these terms is the same.

ANPR used in GoodVision Video Insights

ANPR technology has a huge impact on the transport industry. A licence plate is a unique identifier of the vehicle and its recognition can serve many different purposes, e.g.:

  • O-D surveys

  • Transport macro modelling

  • Average travel time surveys

  • Advanced vehicle classification

  • Tolling

  • Speed measurement

In recent years, ANPR has often been a subject for privacy-related and mass-surveillance discussions. Vendors and providers of this technology must, therefore, secure the correct data-handling and avoid possible data leaks. However, in the right hands, ANPR is an irreplaceable source of information and must-have technology for every macro traffic modelling tool.

In GoodVision, we are using state-of-the-art ANPR technology that hits top accuracy. Our optimized ANPR solution is able to provide both fingerprinted and plain text values. Using ANPR, every user of GoodVision Video Insights platform is able to enrich the current traffic data with these unique identifiers of vehicles.

ANPR feature in GoodVision Video Insights

GoodVision offers the possibility to combine its cutting edge traffic data extraction algorithms with the latest ANPR technology within a single platform. ANPR is a post-processing option in the video upload dialog, available on-request. If you are interested in automatic licence plate recognition to enrich your traffic data, please contact our support via live chat.

Just remember that not all videos are suitable for ANPR processing. The camera angle, distance, resolution and frame rate all play their role in the ability of the system to recognize and track the uniquely identified objects. Check out our more detailed guidelines and requirements in the following article.

ANPR Conditions and Requirements within GoodVision’s platform

Information about licence/number plates are securely stored in our datacenter after the extraction and can be used in the advanced traffic surveys and analyses or simply downloaded as an XLS file.

OpenAPI integrations (UK DVLA, DOT, etc)

Using OpenData from the governmental databases and licence/number plates, users are able to obtain even more detailed information about the traffic in the monitored areas. GoodVision is cooperating with all state agencies that provide open data about vehicles. A typical example of the acquired data from the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (United Kingdom) is:

  • Colour

  • CO2 emissions and Euro emission classification

  • Model/make and other technical data about the vehicle (engine capacity, weight, etc)

  • The month of the first registration

  • Commercial / private vehicle classification

  • … and many others

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