Start your premium experience with GoodVision Video Insights by subscribing to one of the premium platform plans.

How to subscribe to the platform plan

1. Go to the 'Platform plans' section

2. Choose the platform plan that fits your needs. All plans are described in the Platform plans section including the availability of features (as below).

4. Click on 'Request' button below your selected plan. GoodVision representative will be immediately notified about your request and we will contact you shortly (next business day) to finalize your plan settings. (The request is not a binding order)

After your confirmation, we will issue the payment request for the selected plan and after the payment, we will activate the plan for your account. You will be issued a VAT invoice after the payment is settled.

5. When your platform plan is activated you will see plan details in the 'Billing section'. Information such as plan state, plan duration or even the current credit price (which is based on your credit consumption during the last 12 months)

If you have more questions regarding our plans want to learn more contact us on 👍

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