After 90 days from processing your video, the extracted data in the Data Source is archived and you have to recover it before you can perform further analyses. Archived Data Sources are marked with a purple frame.

Don't worry though! If you need them you can easily access them by recovering them from the archive in a matter of minutes. Just click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the Data Source and select the option “Recover archived videos”.

In case you would like to recover just some of the archived videos in the Data Source, select the option “Detail” and switch to the “Videos” tab and click again on the three dots icon and on “Recover”.

Now the informational window with the video parameters pops up.

Select the option “Recover” and wait for a minute or two until your video is recovered and ready for further analysis!

Note: Recovered videos are available for another 90 days from the day of recovery, plus you are getting another 12 months of the archive.

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