Since version 19, GoodVision Video Insights supports the advanced classification of truck vehicles into two distinct sub-categories: OGV 1 and OGV 2 based on the UK Vehicle Classfication Scheme. 

OGV 1 group includes all large rigid vehicles with two or three axles over 3.5 tonnes. OGV 2 group includes all rigid vehicles with four or more axles including all articulated trucks. See the illustration below for examples.

What are the video requirements for OGV 1 and OGV 2 classification ?

Video requirements are the same as those mentioned in our Standard Camera Processing Guidelines. In a shortcut, trucks can be further distinguished to OGV 1 or OGV 2 classes if the image of a truck in a video is at least 30px x 30px big.

You can choose to distinguish trucks between OGV 1 and OGV 2 

GoodVision Video Insights recognizes Truck vehicles by default and you can select if you require to distinguish it into separate OGV 1 and OGV 2 sub-classes. This option is a part of the standard processing option (classification of trucks into OGV 1 and OGV 2 is not available for high-detail processing so far).

Video upload dialog depicting how to select the further classification of trucks

How can I filter the OGV 1 and OGV 2 trucks in Video Insights?

After the processing, you will be able to select the whole Truck class or specific OGV 1 or OGV 2 classes on both Describe scene page and when creating widgets. See specific examples below.

Truck with OGV 1 and OGV 2 classes below the scene on Describe scene page

Truck with OGV 1 and OGV 2 classes when creating a new Widget

Can I filter OGV 1 and OGV 2 vehicles on my already processed videos ?

Unfortunately, no. The distribution of trucks into OGV 1 and OGV 2 categories is done as part of the post processing step so in case you need for your analysis the OGV 1 and OGV 2 distribution, please upload the video again to get the results.

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