In GoodVision Video Insights we care about the speed because we want to save your time in both traffic data collection and traffic data analysis. Therefore, we built the infrastructure to process your day-long or even week-long videos in 1 hour. For the same reason, we display 1-hour rich trajectories preview on the 'Describe scene' page.


Imagine you uploaded hundreds of video hours into the Camera at Video Insights and you are about to describe the scene to count the traffic volumes for different movements. We are aware of the fact that the trajectories are the major guides helping you to place the lines and zones correctly. 

Below you see how the scene can look like when displaying all trajectories for only
6-hours long footage. Would you dare to place the counting gates there? No? So imagine that you would need to handle the scene with trajectories from hundreds of video hours long footage.

Trajectories of all traffic participants during the 6 hours interval

In comparison to automated trajectories preview that allows you to see all the important traffic flows as well as you can fast filter the trajectories by created movements, events or scenarios.

Automated 1-hour rich trajectories preview

The 1-hour rich trajectories preview is the best trade-off between the speed of loading of the filtered trajectories and the readability of the camera scene so that you can correctly place your zones and counting gates - lines.

How to see all trajectories for the selected movement, event or scenario?
However, if your goal is to get the image with all the trajectories displayed rather than the total traffic volumes for independent traffic movements, there is an easy way to do it. Click to Create widget > Trajectories on the Describe scene page and then go to Analyze page where you can retrieve the widget with all the trajectories fulfilling your movement, event or scenario.

Are you a traffic modeler who needs interactivity?

Don't worry, we think of you! Our interactive scene (under development) will allow you to select up to 3 hours long interval from the selected camera to retrieve the exact trajectories together with all the traffic metrics such as travel time, time gap and others on one place soon in 2020.

You can contribute to the development of this feature and describe us the everyday needs of the traffic modeler so that the Video Insights platform will exactly fit your needs soon. Just click below.

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