We are constantly working to improve your Goodvision experience. Check out the newly introduced features with latest v16! 

Connect and stream your cameras directly to GoodVision platform

A core tenet of GoodVision is platform growing with its users needs.
With the most recent product update your analytical tool has gone through some major inovations. As a result, the core feature is here to automate your workflow even more. We are introducing Live Stream processing.

With this new approach GoodVision offers you to connect cameras to the platform, plan the streaming time and let the platform perform the analysis on the go. Live stream processing is currently in Beta, contact us via live chat in the app or at info@goodvisionlive.com to unlock this feature for you.

Take control over your uploads - Upload Manager

To gain even more control over your data, we are introducing the "Upload manager". One unified place where you can select your videos for the analysis and go for the coffee. The application will handle everything for you and you can just check on the progress including remaining time.

This new feature also prevents the user from making costly mistakes, as the ongoing uploads now can be retrieved with no credit loss as well. 

See what you need to see - Camera Views

For your convenience Video Insights introduces three different camera views on the "Cameras" screen. After uploading your footage, customize the look of the way you see your camera overview.  View more cameras in one row with the new grid view showing all the details you need, or stick to the list view with detailed description if you prefer.  

We have also implemented quite few minor UX changes to the platform to make the analysis even more intuitive, efficent and faster. Subscribe for free to https://my.goodvisionlive.com/ and kick off your analysis with the starter package!

Stay tuned for our next release!  🚀 

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